AG Barr goes for renewable

Factories to be powered by wind farms

Wind Turbine photo AlanMorris/Shutterstock

SCOTTISH soft drinks firm, AG Barr has announced plans to introduce fossil-free electricity to power its operations across the UK in a deal with Swedish energy group Vattenfall.

Through the ten year agreement, Vattenfall will supply AG Barr with 22GWh (Gigawatt hours) per year from wind farms in the UK – the equivalent electricity used by 6000 UK homes in a year – to power factories in Cumbernauld and Milton Keynes and regional sites in Bolton, Forfar, Newcastle, Sheffield, West Midlands and Manchester.

AG Barr chief executive, Roger White, said: “We’re always looking for ways to innovate and we’re excited to work with Vattenfall, who specialise in doing things differently.

“Introducing 100% renewable electricity across all our UK sites is a big step towards reducing our carbon footprint and delivering our ambitious sustainable business goals.”

Danielle Lane, country manager at Vattenfall UK said: “Our goal is to give our customers a life free from fossil fuel and we are delighted to provide AG Barr with a long term supply of home grown renewable energy.

“We are seeing more and more companies looking to secure fossil-free power as they work towards net zero carbon emissions.”