Giving sales a lift


The energy category is getting increasingly crowded, with more and more products offering consumers that all-important boost.

To ensure that it stands out from the crowd, Mondelez has invested £1m in a new advertising campaign for Boost+ Protein bars.

The campaign centres around the ‘afternoon lull’, which was also the focus when Boost+ Protein launched last summer.

Using out of home advertising, social media and digital channels, the new campaign highlights moments when experiencing a lull would prove problematic.

Radhika Pai, brand manager for Cadbury singles at Mondelez said: “Cadbury Boost+ Protein delivers the protein hit with the same great taste that people love and expect from Cadbury.

“The out of home campaign will run across convenience stores and shops that stock Boost+ Protein so that Boost is at hand when people are seeking it.”