Self serving focus brings in margin

Nisa has shifted focus from serve over to self-serve food to go

NISA has continued to push forward with its Store of the Future 2 Evolution format, showcasing new developments for symbol retailers at its annual exhibition in the spring.

The format has been tweaked, with a reduced focus on serve over food to go, with a shift towards self-service.

Nisa’s range of chilled food to go now includes a self-serve salad bar and a sushi option alongside freshly prepared sandwiches. The symbol has been rolling out a specially designed chilled unit for pastries and cakes as well as an ice cream dispensing unit.

Darren May, head of format and development, reckons that retailers refitting their store should look to the margin opportunity food to go provides.

“Key drivers of current revenue growth are found by expanding fresh foods, such as bakery items, on-site menus for breakfast, lunch, and fresh coffee that drive in-store traffic, provide higher margins and encourage purchase across categories.”