Worries for wine

No-deal will spell disruption.
No-deal will spell disruption.

A NO-deal Brexit would cost the wine industry £70m due to the amount of extra paperwork that would be required.

That’s the view of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), who said that the additional red tape would lead to an inevitable rise in UK wine prices.

55% of wine that is consumed in the UK is currently imported from the EU, but a no-deal exit would require each wine entering the country to be accompanied by a VI-1 form.

Around 600,000 additional forms would be required, with each one costing approximately £20 and needing to be filled out by hand.

Every VI-1 form will have to be scrutinised and stamped before wine from Europe is allowed into the UK, a process that the country’s wine inspectors expect to be overwhelmed by.

It is estimated that it would take 12 full time wine inspectors an entire year to process the new VI-1 forms that are expected after a no deal Brexit: but there are currently only six regional inspectors.

The WSTA has urged the government to ensure a deal with the EU is passed.