Breggsit concerns

Broken Egg with EU themeBRITISH Lion egg processors are predicting supply problems regardless of whether or not a deal is struck with the EU.

They have warned that the UK supply chain is particularly vulnerable because it imports more eggs than it exports.

And with the average supermarket stocking anything up to 10,000 products that contain eggs as an ingredient, any problems with eggs could lead to empty shelves.

Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion egg processors said: “We’ve talked about a ‘Breggsit’ storm brewing but it’s now here, and that won’t change, deal or no deal.

“We will work with manufacturers and retailers to manage their requirements as best we can but it needs to be made clear that those conversations need to happen sooner rather than later.”

To mitigate disruption, Jones recommended that food businesses should make contingency plans with UK egg processors.

The British flock has significantly increased in recent years to meet growing demand for British Lion eggs, but Jones said supply issues were forecast with a Brexit-related surge in demand.