Breadstick range is ryevealed

WHEN it comes to snacks, consumers are increasingly looking for variety and innovation.

Country Choice is hoping its new range of B’Break Snacking Breads will provide exactly that, offering four varieties of flavoured breads in a handy stick format.

The flavours include: vegetarian B’Break Two Olive & Rosemary stick (with a blend of olives and oil); B’Break Chorizo (studded with chorizo, and paprika); B’Break Choc Chip Snacking Bread (with  chocolate chips that contain at least 50% cocoa) and B’Break Muesli (with a mix of five cereals and dried fruits).

Country Choice said that as well as being a snack, the breads could also be used as a meal accompaniment.

The breads have a shelf life of one day and come in cases of 40.