Not tired of energy drinks

Carabao went bonkers in 2018

NEXT year could bring challenges for the energy market, if Scottish Government proposals to tackle obesity come into force, alongside a ban of the sale of energy drinks to children.

But, according to energy brand Carabao, its drinks are “already able to stand up against any scrutiny” thanks to being “exclusively low in sugar” and “offering an alternative to the syrupy or sickly sweet options currently available.”

A spokesperson for the brand also suggested that a ban on the sale of energy drinks to children should not affect Carabao as its range is designed to “specifically target male and female adults rather than children.”

For retailers who want to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring their energy drink range offers lower sugar options, the firm recommended stocking up on its Carabao Green Apple and Carabao Mandarin Orange flavours.

Carabao also said that 2019 would see it focus on boosting growth in Scotland, with the brand sponsoring the SWA’s Scottish Wholesale Achievers Awards in Edinburgh at the end of January.