DRS regulations coming in 2019

Cabinet Secretary expects legislation next year

Roseanna Cunningham
Roseanna Cunningham intends to introduce legislation on DRS next year

LEGISLATION on deposit return should appear before the Scottish Parliament some time next year, according to Roseanna Cunningham, cabinet secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform.

Addressing the Scottish Resources Conference in Edinburgh last month, the cabinet secretary indicated it was her intention to bring legislation to parliament in 2019 which would be informed by the responses to a recently closed consultation on the issue.

Cunningham said: “We received over 3,000 responses from a variety of individuals, including a full range of demographics, stakeholders and interest groups.

“We’ll now look towards analysing the responses and using them to inform proposals for the final scheme for Scotland, which I look forward to introducing to parliament next year.

“In the mean time some preparatory ground work to prepare for implementation has already begun, I’ve asked Zero Waste Scotland to focus on that and in doing so to operate with close cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders.

“We’re looking for industry partners to engage with us in taking this forward as soon as possible.”

• The Scottish Government announced its intention to introduce a deposit return scheme in September 2017.