Making the most of EPOS technology


THERE are plenty of factors to consider when investing in a new EPOS system, with evolving technology offering retailers an abundance of choice, but what are the benefits? Faisal Sattar of Motherwell based EPOS specialist MHouse Solutions offered his perspective on how modern systems can improve store performance.

“As EPOS systems get smarter, retailers need to trust and act on the data generated from them. A simple example, if your system is telling you that you are only selling a case of a product a week, stop filling the store room with 50 cases. Invest that money back into your store,” said Sattar.

“Stock control is vital these days not just to manage your products but also store security. Unfortunately customer and staff theft happens in this sector, all we can do as store owners is minimise it. Find out where it’s happening and try to take all measures to prevent it.”

The key to success, according to Sattar, is choosing an EPOS system that meets the needs of the individual store, and which comes with the kind of support retailers need.

“Retailers need to pick an EPOS system which is right for them with the right support and training package,” he said.

“Once they have invested in an EPOS system it shouldn’t stop there. They need to invest regularly in the training of the system to get the most out of it.”