Porridge is a hit on social media

With #overnightoats trending on Instagram the Scottish staple has a new lease of life

Porridge is proving to be a hit with health conscious Instagram influencers

WHEN we look for ideas for a healthy breakfast, it may be worth looking to a Scottish staple that has been making big waves on social media.

That seems to be the view from porridge brand Hamlyns, and managing director Alan Meikle reckons it’s the nutritional values of porridge that make it a real winner with health conscious consumers.

“Porridge is the original Scottish health food, 100% natural wholegrain, packed with nutritional benefits, and with only 171 calories in an average bowl, it’s the healthiest breakfast cereal available – there’s really nothing you can do to make it healthier. Rather the challenge is to look at new ways of using oats,” said Meikle.

One such new way stems from the overnight oats sensation; a culinary trend that’s swept across social media platforms as lifestyle bloggers and fitness enthusiasts share their own takes on a healthy porridge breakfast.

It’s a sensation that Hamlyn’s has got behind, as Meikle explained.

“The relatively recent trend for making overnight oats, eaten cold and often enjoyed with non-dairy milk, and adorned with colourful fruits and toppings, has really helped to increase porridge sales amongst a younger audience. ‘#overnightoats’ are one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ foods – more than half a million people have shared photographs of their creations,

“Look out for several of the most popular porridge Instagrammers from the UK and overseas competing in the World Porridge Making Championships in October. Hamlyns are the main sponsor of this competition, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.”

Meikle added that Hamlyns has been working with several influential Scottish food bloggers to create new recipes, both for breakfast and other occasions.