Smaller is better

Border hope their small snack packs will appeal to those eating on the move

SOME might say bigger is better but when it comes to lunchboxes, there’s something to be said for a compact snack.

One firm that aims to put good things in small packages is Border Biscuits, as the firm has been reacting to what it sees as  increasing consumers demand for smaller pack formats when it comes to stocking up for lunchtime.

Looking to tap into the popularity of small, sweet snacks, Borders launched its Café Bake range last year.

Individually wrapped in small packages, the range was developed especially for convenience stores and cafés, according to Border, and includes some of the brand’s most popular flavours.

Mark Bruce, sales and marketing director at Border said: “We have noticed increased consumer demand for snacking or bite-sized products for lunchboxes and on-the-go,  and expect this to grow further.”

The change, he reckons, is driven in part by an increase in ‘grazing’ as consumers seek out something to nibble between meals.

According to Bruce, demand for smaller packs has also been driven by a rising awareness of health and nutrition among consumers.

Consumers like smaller formats that they can pop in a lunch box, but that also helps to manage portion control.

He said: “Health conscious consumers and concerns around sugar consumption will obviously continue to influence the cakes, biscuits and confectionery sector.”

“As consumers are increasingly health conscious, we have found they like smaller pack formats that they can pop in a lunch box, but that also helps to manage portion control.”

Despite an increase in health consciousness among consumers, Bruce still believes there is a future for quality confectionery brands as customers elect to indulge with a sweet treat as part of a balanced diet.

“The drive in awareness of the importance of a balanced diet has resulted in a shift to treating and indulgence that has actually helped sales of sweet biscuits in recent years,” he said.

Bruce added that beyond the lunchbox, Borders new Café Bake range also pairs well with takeaway hot beverages, creating an opportunity for c-store retailers with a coffee-to-go offer.

He said: “According to Kantar research this year, coffee is a natural accompaniment to a variety of snacks, and sale spend per trip increases two to three times when sandwiches, cookies and pastries are added to the order.

Other Border lunchbox -friendly SKUs include the brands 180g snack packs. The twin mini packs come in three different flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oat Crumbles and Viennese Whirls.