Mixers are flourishing

GIN’S unstoppable rise has created knock-on growth for premium mixers.

Tonic brand Franklin & Sons found that, with yearly gin sales rising by almost a third, 54% of drinkers are now willing to pay more for premium mixers.

Jen Draper, head of marketing, Franklin & Sons said: “The increasing popularity of the gin and tonic has brought premium mixers to the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

“Pairing with interesting mixers and using premium garnishes to further add flavour has all contributed to gin becoming the most diverse and popular spirit.

“Consumers are choosing a premium tonic which doesn’t take away from the taste of gin, with 67% refusing to buy cheap mixers.”

They found that as well as the move towards ‘premiumisation’, people are growing increasingly  adventurous in their drink choices.

With flavoured spirits now more popular, retailers are advised to stock a wide range of mixers to complement them.

“Rhubarb gin has become the go-to for consumers who are looking for something different.

“It has become perfect to pair with ginger ale, as the warming spices tone down the sweetness of the rhubarb.”