Franklin & Sons adapts to changing tastes

Offer mixers that fit for any spirits combination

Drinks sit on a white marble table with a bottle of Franklin & Sons Sicillian Lemon on the table next to a vase.
As consumers’ tastes shift in the spirits market, so too will their desire for the mixers that come with them and Franklin & Sons reckons it can meet this.

CLASSIC options such as gin & tonic have been showing some decline lately, meaning retailers may need to diversify the offer from the mixers section to adapt.

That’s the take from Franklin & Sons Ltd, which said that gin has been hitting a decline in sales since 2022 and has instead been replaced with the likes of rum, dark spirits, cream liqueurs and tequila.

Pack shots of Franklin & Sons bottles with Premium Tonic Water Light and Refreshing Peach & Mango.
Franklin & Sons reckons its new Peach & Mango variant will suit the demand for more tropical tastes in drinks.

As such, with a change in the spirit, consumers will be seeking a change to the mixer as well, to help them find their new favourite drink to have at home, whether this be with tequila and Franklin & Sons Pink Grapefruit Soda or a dark rum with the brand’s Ginger Beer variant.

James Stimson, senior brand manager at Franklin & Sons, said: “Retailers must keep a core popular flavour range, but there is also a clear desire for cross-category pairings for both cocktails and spirit and mixer, so considering all spirit categories is key.”

Offering a new way to adapt in the changing spirit and mixer market, Franklin & Sons has launched its new Peach & Mango soda, which can help to deliver on the rising demand for more tropical fruit tastes with drinks that more shoppers have been on the lookout for.

Stimson said: “Our Peach & Mango soft drink has been created using the finest natural ingredients and juices, including white peach and juicy mango.

“We have added just the right amount of fizz to deliver our tropical soft drinks vibrant flavour and aroma, but not overwhelm the palate.”