Getting off to a dry start

Eisberg alcohol free wine

ALONG with taking down the decorations and struggling to find parking for the sales, cutting down on alcohol consumption is a post-Christmas tradition with deep roots, which means now may be the time for retailers to revisit their alcohol-free offer.

Andrew Turner, director of wine for Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine, certainly seems to think so, as he reckons free-from alcohol is one of the biggest free-from categories overall.

Turner said: “It is thriving, with the latest moving annual total showing that the alcohol-free wine category has increased by £1.7m. Eisberg alcohol-free wine is triumphantly leading the way in this category with 60% market share.

“It is important to recognise that those cutting down on alcohol are from all walks of life, whether they’re doing a charity spell of temperance, pregnant, a designated driver or just making healthier decisions.

“As a result, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for quality alcohol-free options that don’t compromise on taste.”