Go easy

Micro-snacking over-indexes at lunchtime, when c-store shoppers are on a food-to-go mission, according to Rustlers

QUICK-to-cook micro-snacks can help retailers meet shoppers’ demand for hot food to go when they are out and about, says Angela Daulby, channel director for the Rustlers brand.

And lunchtime is a period when the lure of micro-snacks is especially strong.

“Food to go is more popular than ever in convenience. We’re in double digit growth, which is in stark contrast to the competitive set,” said Daulby.

“Micro-snacking over-indexes at lunchtime, with 20% of c-store shoppers on a food to go mission.”

And quoting HMI research, she added that one in four UK adults buy food to go from c-stores every week.

“The new gourmet range from Rustlers taps into the high street gourmet food trend,” she said. 

“Extensive research has proved that Rustlers Gourmet will recruit new consumers to the category and 80% of shoppers have said they’re interested in experiencing the gourmet burger trend at home.”

The Rustlers Gourmet Classic Burger is made with 100% beef in a brioche bun, with cheese, streaky bacon, mustard mayo and tomato relish. 

Its launch coincides with a packaging update for the entire Rustlers range.