The doctor’s creations

HALLOWEEN means happy days for home baking sales according to Dr. Oetker, which points to the seasonal nature of the occasion as an opportunity for customers to get creative.

The firm says Halloween is an event which is “constantly growing” in the UK, highlighting figures which show the home-baking category enjoys a 21% uplift in sales during the week of Halloween, when compared to the average of the four weeks prior.

Jan McKee, executive head of marketing at Dr. Oetker, said that home bakers are seeking inspiration and excitement in store.

“A key target audience for Halloween is families, as parents bake with their children for parties or bake sales, therefore the fixture should be bright and fun to appeal to these shoppers.

“This year we expect to see more 3D creations made out of icing and marzipan, meringue, biscuits or krispie cakes, for example our ‘real shortbread fingers’ recipe is one of our most popular seasonal recipes,” said McKee.