Sweet and low

HEALTH has become a major focus for many shoppers in recent years. As an indulgent treat, what role can chocolate play in this new health-focused landscape? Is there still scope for chocolate purchasing as a treat even among calorie-counting consumers?

Gary Parkinson, general manager of chocolatier House of Sarunds certainly thinks so, pointing to a variety of new products aimed at chocolate-lovers who want to reduce their sugar intake.

“Manufacturers have been quick to react to the interest in healthier options and have extended some of their main confectionery products with additional ‘free from’ lines,” he said

“For example Bianca, best known for its range of cocoa-dusted flavoured Belgian truffles has launched 100g sugar-free Stevia chocolate dark and milk chocolate bars, also available studded with hazelnuts or filled with strawberry cream (RRP £2.49). 

“Plus Guylian offer no added sugar 100g milk, dark and cranberry chocolate bars (RRP £2.49).”