One offers much

TESCO-owned convenience group One Stop has expanded its own-label range.

The firm said it is responding to customer insight, colleague and franchise feedback which said the One Stop brand needs to improve and expand its Own Label range to meet the needs of One Stop customers.

As part of the expansion, around 330 new products will launch across two phases with chilled food, meat and produce rolling out now, followed by grocery, impulse, cake, frozen and grocery non-food at the end of October.

The Own Label launch will be supported by a marketing campaign focusing on the tagline ‘You’ll love the change’.

All franchises will also be provided with a ‘Have dinner on us’ voucher to try the new range and t-shirts to support the launch.

Tracey Clements, managing director for Tesco Convenience and chief executive of One Stop, said: “We are really excited to be introducing our new Own Label range which will be coming to stores shortly.

“It’s a big step forward in how we serve our local shoppers a little better every day.

“Through investment in our Own Label range, we will offer customers better quality products at lower prices, bigger pack sizes and better value across a broader range than ever sold before, particularly in fresh meat and produce.”