Golden Cross offer new smaller size perfect for snacking

Golden Cross offer a variety of their Johnny’s snacks range in smaller sizes, which it says make them perfect for a lunch time snack.

Four varieties of Johnny’s corn snacks – Johnny’s Onion Rings, Bacon Rings, Spicy Rings and Pickled Onion Rings – come in individual 22g packs.

The three best sellers – Johnny’s Onion Rings, Bacon Rings and Spicy Rings – are available together in an eight-bag variety pack (16g per pack), and Johnny’s Onion Rings are also come in an eight-bag pack.

John Kerr from The JFK Partnership, the firm behind Golden Cross sales, said: “Johnny’s Onion Rings are popular everywhere, and are a consistently huge seller, but many customers enjoy the mixed variety pack, giving them the opportunity to try the same quality snack in a different flavour.”