Merchandising yogurt with Danone

“96% of UK consumers buy chilled yogurts and potted desserts, so retailers should ensure the fixture is easy to find, using best-selling brands as a signpost for the segment.

“When setting up the fixture, remember that milk is a footfall driver, so merchandise yogurts and desserts next to milk to drive additional purchases. Retailers can further boost sales by including them in meal deals or promotions.

“As consumers don’t want to go without the first meal of the day despite their hectic lifestyles, the breakfast on-the-go segment in particular is experiencing growth. In fact, half of UK shoppers eat their breakfast out of home.

“This is where breakfast yogurts with cereals and portable active health drinks like Actimel really come into their own, so place them at the front of store so they are top of mind.
Convenience retailers should make it easy for their customers to navigate the fixture by creating segments corresponding to different consumption occasions. This includes placing together similar products like big pots, health, diet, luxury treats, and kids’ yogurts.”

– Graham Burgess
Head of category
Danone Dairies
UK & Ireland