A billion reasons it’s the nation’s favourite

PUTTING a value of close to £1bn on the UK ice cream market, Mars says tubs account for £429m of that and handheld ice creams are the biggest segment, with a value of £564m, growing at 2.5% year on year.

Quoting IRI research for the 52 weeks to the end of January 2017, it says Mars Ice Cream is growing at 2.9%.
Trade communications manager Bep Dhaliwal said: “The growth is predominantly driven by distribution gains of Mars singles, with Mars, Maltesers Teasers and Snickers single varieties all ranking highly.

“The Mars Ice Cream multi-pack range continues to perform well, ranking within the category Top 10 bestsellers.”

In desserts, Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats recently launched Twix Cheesecake, Maltesers Pavlova and Mars Dessert Bar.

General manager Michelle Frost said: “Innovation is a key factor in maximising sales. Our frozen desserts combine the taste of familiar brands with a twist.”