Tradition is still a winner

TRADITIONAL confectionery is still popular throughout Britain and although consumers do like trying new flavours, most return to old favourites, says Sunny Pahuja, managing director of Nisha Enterprises.

Nisha has recently introduced 150g and 125g packs for the most popular varieties in its Millar range including Fruit Jellies and Pan Drops.

Pahuja said: “Our Millar confectionery range now comprises of 25 SKU’s, all traditional favourites including Millar Pan Drops, Wine Gums, Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Bon Bons and Mint Imperials”
Pahuja said that Millar had recently introduced a range of gift packs for seven of its most popular varieties including Fruit Jellies and Milk Chocolate Peanuts in 150g taper boxes and 125g wedge packs and added: “The combination of great products and eye-catching packaging has proven to be a recipe for sweet success.”
For c-stores Pahuja said Millar has a limited number of display stands available for retailers who stock a wide range of Millar confectionery and are looking to capitalise on a Scottish brand and make an impact to increase sales.