Making scents of laundry

FRAGRANCE lovers are the target market for the latest launch by Bold 2in1.
The new Irresistible Scents range is made up of two varieties – Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy and Plumeria & White Orchid –each containing Lenor.
And colourful packaging has been designed to emphasise the fragrance of the detergent inside.
P&G laundry brand manager Daniel Jalalpour said: “The luxurious fragrances have been blended by perfume experts for an irresistible scent experience.
“Our research suggests that consumers are willing to pay more for new and unique fragrances.
“This is one of the biggest launches of the year for Bold, and we are supporting it with marketing investment to keep the brand at the front of consumers’ minds.”  
Jalalpour said that Bold 2in1 has a 13.2% share of the total laundry category.