Give the shopper more confidence

HAVING a range of PMPs in a store instils a sense of confidence and trust between the retailer and the shopper, says James Cragg, head of category development at drinks giant Diageo.

diageo captain morgan johnny walker
And he says market research by Nielsen shows that PMPs sell, on average, three times the volume of standard bottles.
He said: “PMPs are a growing trend and consumers are increasingly looking out for them in convenience stores.
“Particularly with new products. We know that 53% of consumers are more likely to try a new product if it’s sold in a PMP.”
He added that Gordon’s and Captain Morgan Spiced PMPs both saw great success when they launched in 2014, and that Johnnie Walker Red Label has joined the Diageo PMP range in 70cl and 35cl sizes.
Diageo says retailers can ensure their spirits fixture is easy to shop by following three steps.
Blocking: site all category brands together
Signposts: place top sellers in the centre of the category to  act as anchor brands and help shoppers identify a category.
Clear Pricing: visible pricing is a key factor in the decision to purchase.
Cragg concluded: “Shoppers are more likely to trust PMPs, so ensure you make the most of this by stocking a full range that are clearly visible to the customer.”