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Pet food brings in £2.9bn

PET food is worth £2.9bn in the UK and has grown by between 2% and 4% every year for the last six according to Mars Petcare.

As well as the price mark, Whiskas packs also carry clear life stage labelling to help cat owners choose the right variety for their pets.

And it has introduced a number of price-marked packs to foster consumer confidence in   the value of its products.

Value for money is now expected as consumers are looking for something more such as quality.

A spokesperson said: “Shoppers seeking value for money is now the norm.
“Despite rising consumer confidence, many are now used to living on less disposable income, so will continue to shop around to save money.
“Value for money is now expected as consumers are looking for something more to differentiate one offering from another, such as quality, authenticity or unique experience.”

Spending on cat food and dog food has grown in each of the last six years.

Among the Mars Petcare price-marked products, Cesar dog food is available, marked at two for £1.20, and Sheba classics cat food can be displayed at two for £1.

Big seller Whiskas comes with life-stage-based varieties for kittens, adult cats and older cats aged over seven.
Packs of 12 wet food Whiskas pouches are available in Poultry Selection, Meat Selection, Fish & Meat Selection and Fish Selection in a  £3.29 PMP.
A recent launch from Whiskas is Casseroles. The spokesperson said: “The range is complete and balanced, and  is served in single-serve pouches of twelve in Poultry, Fish, Meaty, and Fish & Meaty selections.”
This year, Mars has plans to introduce Whiskas Casserole PMPs for c-stores at £3.75.
The spokesperson added: “The average pet owner’s basket is worth nearly £4 more than a non-pet owner.  Stocking up on pet care products could provide the opportunity to take advantage of this.”