Brexit by the basket

Supermarket shoppers’ political preferences revealed by survey

People who shop at German discount supermarkets are more likely to have voted for the UK to leave the EU than Co-op customers, according to a new survey.
Coupon and voucher services provider Valassis Limited claims over half of Co-op shoppers (56%) voted to remain, compared with 42% of Aldi shoppers and 45% of those who shop Lidl as their main supermarket.
The survey of 2,000 UK shoppers also claims to show how preferred promotional mechanics vary. only 19% of Leave voters will use mobile coupons, compared to 31% of Remain voters. Leave voters are also less likely to use their phone to access special offers, with only 15% turning to digital promotions, compared to 25% of Remain voters.
Overall, coupons and vouchers are now favoured by 42% of all shoppers surveyed, compared to 38% three years ago; and loyalty points are favoured by 43% of Tesco and Sainsbury’s shoppers, compared to 38% in 2013.
A spokesperson said: “In today’s increasingly digital age, paper coupons are still a favourite with most shoppers, although younger shoppers are more likely to embrace technological advances.
“For marketers of brands and retail outlets, offering a choice of promotional formats ensures the broadest audience reach, across demographics, no matter of one’s political preferences.”