Popping off

POPCORN is now the fastest growing sub-category within crisps, nuts and snacks, growing 34% year on year, according to IRI. Butterkist is looking to make sure the growth continues in 2017, by introducing new flavours and styles.

“We have heavily invested in qualitative and quantitative research to get closer to our consumers and gain a greater understanding of the role of popcorn and Butterkist in their lives,” said senior brand manager Anjna Mistry. “This rich insight will come to life in our exciting plans for 2017.”
• Moving away from traditional popcorn for the first time, snack brand Propercorn is hoping to shake up the snack aisle with the launch of Crunch Corn, a half-popped allergen-free alternative to nuts that aims to provide a similar crunch.

Company co-founder Ryan Kohn said: “It’s not traditional popcorn and it’s certainly not a bag of un-popped kernels – it’s a moreish, nut-like crunch that’s totally new. We wanted to create a snack which packed as much of a punch in texture as it did in taste, and we can’t wait to share our discovery with everyone.”