Gifting opportunities – all wrapped up

Buckfast selections in gift wrap in KK Convenience Store in Kilwinning in Ayrshire.

CHRISTMAS is a time for gift giving. And, of course, many brands of alcoholic drinks have used that to advantage in recent years.

Malt whisky and  some other premium spirits often come complete with a gift carton in the Christmas selling period, indeed some are now gift-packed all year round.

But in recent years some enterprising independent c-store operators have realised the potential of gift wrapping many other types of drinks in store.

Making up gift packs of drinks that they already know are popular with the store’s customers can be a near surefire way of “creating theatre”, as the marketers say, of providing added value and a service that can delight customers, and, of course, it gives the opportunity to increase margin.

In areas where it is popular Buckfast tonic wine has gone into gift baskets in a number of c-stores. Big-selling sparkling wine Prosecco is another drink that some retailers have given the Christmas gift treatment.

But the possibilities are endless, for example craft beers and fractional sized spirits might also appeal in gift sets.