Five with a chocolate twist

Walkers Shortbread is extending its shortbread range by adding a luxury five-variety chocolate shortbread collection.

Walkers’ Luxury Chocolate Shortbread Assortment.

The new lines include Chocolate & Raspberry Shortbread; Ginger Royals Shortbread; Chocolate & Toffee Shortbread; Orange Royals Shortbread, and a Shortbread Selection, featuring a mix of traditional and chocolate-coated pure-butter shortbread.
A tinned Chocolate Shortbread Assortment, featuring a fully-coated chocolate wreath, is also available.
A spokesperson said: “Remaining true to the iconic Walkers Shortbread heritage, these buttery shortbreads are baked using only the finest ingredients and a wealth of baking experience in the Walkers Shortbread hometown, Aberlour, situated in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.
“By using original recipes and the finest ingredients, Walkers has earned a global reputation for quality and this new range shares the same indisputable excellence seen throughout the extensive Walkers Shortbread portfolio.”
Recommended prices start from £2.75.

Chocolate & Raspberry – one of the new lines.
Chocolate & Raspberry – one of the new lines.