Time to innovate

barr-irn-bru-sept-16-xtra-group-sk-pmp7THE main reasons shoppers like price-marked packs are that the pricing is clear and transparent, they look like a special offer, they provide better value for money and they help them stick to a budget, said Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr.

But with price-marked packs being used more frequently, as manufacturers across all categories realise their importance, there is a need to innovate to maintain impact, he said.

Barr now has a programme that mixes PMP and multi-buy activity on several of its brands.

• “Value for money plays a big part in consumers’ shopping decisions and price-marked packs are a great way for retailers to encourage sales,” said Amy Burgess, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola European Partners.

“As a business we’re committed to offering a wide selection of PMP products.

“The popularity of our PMP offering within the Coca-Cola portfolio is reflected in the fact that 500ml PMPs are currently worth £42m to indies and symbol retailers, having grown by 18.8% year on year.”