Hydration with fruit mixed in

sunmagic-hydra-fizz-cropped-to-two-itemsJUICE brand Sunmagic has launched a new range of sparkling juice drinks for children.

The Hydra Fizz range contains 50% fruit juice and is made using spring water and the manufacturer says it provides one of the recommended five-a-day fruit portions.

It comes in six flavours: Tropical Twist, Berry Medley, Apple Crush, Very Cherry, Fruit Smash and Zingy Lemon. The 300ml PET has an RRP of 45p.

• In a survey of 18-40 year olds by flavoured water brand Perfectly Clear 70% reported poor availability and visibility of sugar-free options in shops, 45% felt there are not enough sugar-free options and 33.5% think sugar-free options are too expensive.

still-perfectly-clear-coconutThe Perfectly Clear range of eight flavours is available in 500ml bottles with RRPs from 49p to 69p.