Consider a solar solution


MUCH has been written in recent years about the great returns on investment retailers can make by replacing their old chillers with new energy-efficient models that run at a fraction of the cost.
Now a US-based company has gone a step further, developing what it describes as a ‘revolutionary’ technology that further reduces the carbon footprint of modern chillers through the use of solar power.
Solarcool Energy Limited manufacture and install a patent-pending process harnessing the thermal properties of the sun’s energy to reduce the workload of a refrigeration or heating system. That, in turn, generates reductions in energy consumption and carbon production.
A spokesperson said: “The technology is compatible with new refrigeration and HVAC installations but crucially, can also be retrofitted to existing systems making significant savings in electricity consumptions.
“A recent installation in a company-owned Costcutter convenience store saw electricity savings of 34%, and a return on investment of just 14 months.”
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