Natural growth

INCREASING media coverage of health issues has helped sales of plain bottled water rise by 10% in the past year, says Highland Spring.

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Plain bottled water continues to dominate water sales but manufacturers say flavoured products are also doing well and increasing interest in health issues is boosting sales of enriched products.

It argues that c-stores should respond to such growing demand by stocking popular packs in convenient sizes.

Head of customer marketing Carol Saunders said: “Customers are more aware of healthy choices, whether it’s part of a balanced breakfast, their lunch and even as a healthy evening refreshment with dinner.

“Naturally sourced plain bottled water remains the only drink on shelf that contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.”

Quoting Zenith International research, Saunders said bottled water sales are predicted to hit 3bn litres by 2018.

To ensure it is ready to meet future demand, Highland Spring is spending £16m to double production capacity at its Blackford plant in Perthshire.

Strathmore Aug 2016 New Twist Image sml[11]Water is the one of the fastest growing sectors in Scottish impulse soft drinks worth £33m and growing at 13%, says AG Barr quoting figures from IRI.

Barr says the flavoured water sub-category, including products such as its Strathmore Twist and the recently launched Rubicon Spring, now accounts for nearly 40% of impulse water sales and is growing strongly at 8%.

Head of marketing Adrian Troy said: “Shoppers are looking for retailers to stock trusted, quality water brands such as Strathmore, which is growing in Scottish impulse at 23.5%.”

Coca-Cola European Partners says bottled water is dominating the soft drinks category. It claims its Glacéau Smartwater, which has added electrolytes, offers an alternative for busy consumers.

Trade communications manager Amy Burgess said: “Glacéau Smartwater has been on the market in Great Britain for just over 18 months, and is ranked the number five instant consumption brand.”

Having expanded its range with the addition of a coconut variety to its flavoured water range, Perfectly Clear is continuing its No S**** Science campaign and is reporting 22,000 followers on its social media channels.

CBL Aug 2016 Perfectly Clear Range[4]Warmer weather throughout the UK in 2016 has boosted daily consumption of bottled water according to Halewood Wines & Spirits.

It says growing consumer interest in healthier products is creating demand for its Willow Water, which it says delivers health benefits including improved skin tone.

Landmark Wholesale has launched its first fruit-flavoured water, Früqua.

Available in Strawberry and Kiwi, Lemon and Lime and Apple and Blackcurrant flavours, it is price-marked at 35p and has a 32% margin.