Scary sugar sales soar

SUGAR confectionery is boosted by Halloween more than any other type of sweets according to Wrigley.

The Starburst and Skittles brand owner says Nielsen figures show that sugar confectionery lines take a 55% share of all confectionery sales during the period, compared to a 19% average share across the rest of the year.

For this year’s event it has brought back Skittles Darkside and Starburst Trick or Treat.

Skittles Darkside includes five flavours – Forbidden Fruit, Midnight Lime, Blood Orange, Pomegranate and Dark Berry, the hanging pouch has an RRP of £1.28.

The big brands are dressing their products up for Halloween to give young consumers sweet scares. Vampire Fangs are among the Chewits limited editions. Haribo has changed its Tangfastics into TangfasTricks, complete with new flavours, and Swizzels has special variety bags.

The Starburst Trick or Treat limited-edition pouch contains sweet or sour special edition flavours – including apple, orange and raspberry.

Wrigley confections marketing manager Dan Newell said: “Our seasonal range is available in various convenient pack formats, which suit a range of Halloween activities.”

Wrigley has created a range of POS to support the limited editions including cardboard units and clipstrips.

Vampire Fangs are leading the seasonal range from Chewits this Halloween.

Alongside its seasonal limited editions, Skittles says its funsize packs are ideal for trick or treaters.

And Chewits ChewMix and Extreme ChewMix have been put into limited-edition bags for the season of the spooks.

A spokesperson said: “ChewMix hanging bags are perfect for parties and doorstep sharing, as the individually wrapped chews can be handed out and passed around.”

Haribo says it is the sugar confectionery brand most associated with Halloween.

Seasonal brand manager Clair Caley said: “Halloween is the biggest seasonal occasion for Haribo.

“This was highlighted in consumer feedback, with our own research noting that out of all sugar confectionery brands, 64% of consumers associate Halloween most with Haribo.”

Sugar holds 55% of all confectionery sales at Halloween compared to

19% across the rest of the year

For this year it has added new limited-edition chews with the its egg becoming a toffee apple, its heart taking on blackcurrant and bubblegum flavours and Tangfastics becoming TangfasTricks.

Swizzels says last year it outperformed the total kids confectionery market with 3% growth during the Halloween period.

And it has released a range of special-edition variety packs to capture imaginations and sales this year.

Brand manager Claire Lee said: “Halloween 2015 was the best week of sales in Swizzels’ history and we expect it will be a busy time for us again in 2016.

“Our creepy collections contain a range of all our classic sweet treats guaranteed to please even the scariest of little monsters.”