Long drinks in Olympics sales surge

HOT weather and the Olympics in Rio combined to boost demand for alcohol, according to researcher Nielsen.

Beer and cider were the big winners, with the four-weeks ending 13 August seeing volumes rise by 4.7% against the same period in 2015. Value sales were up by 6.9%.

Cider – one of the big winners in a summer of substantial drinks sales, according to Nielsen,

Jon Sheppard, Nielsen’s client business partner, said: “This has helped boost overall 52-week performance – with lager now growing over the year. Furthermore, this is also helping to recover some of the cider declines we’ve seen of late.”

Richard Garrie, of Tweed Road Stores, in Galashiels confirmed that the period had been good for his alcohol sales.

“In the last month our growth has definitely gone up every week,” he said. “I can’t compare it to previous years, because we’re still a new store, but alcohol has been doing exceptionally well.

“Cider’s very popular. Gin and vodka are also exceptional sellers.

“The weather has helped. The last couple of weeks, lots of people have been sitting in their gardens having a cider or beer with a barbecue. But I think the weather combined with the Olympics is what’s made the difference.”

Sandeep Dhaliwal, of KK Stores in Kilwinning, said that the July to August period had been very good for alcohol, with one mid-August weekend being his busiest of the year.

“Alcohol certainly has been up in the last month. Maybe school kids going back has had an impact, and people back from holiday, hitting the booze.

“There’s not been much interest in the Olympics here, so I don’t think that’s contributing.

“The weather has been mixed.

“We’ve had beautiful, scorching sunshine during the week, and weekdays have been busier.

“It usually rains at the weekend, but sales have held steady.”