Loaves target the farm fans

BREAD firm Hovis has launched a new Farmhouse loaf range that includes Hovis Soft White Farmhouse loaf and Hovis Wholemeal Farmhouse, aimed at fans of the farmhouse style.

Hovis Wholemeal
Sharon Barraclough, marketing director at Hovis said: “There is a distinct group of loyal shoppers that will only buy farmhouse loaves.
“At Hovis we are always looking to give shoppers exactly what they want. Already the number one choice in wholemeal, it is important we are also catering for the latent love that is strong for white bread. Our expert bakers have been able to create their best ever white farmhouse loaf, softer and bringing a real ‘fresh bread’ aroma and taste,” she said.
Soft White Farmhouse 800g and Hovis Wholemeal Farmhouse 800g are both available now – RRP is £1.40.