Finger on the pulse

Tilda’s product range has broadened considerably this year with a raft of new lines and limited editions.

World flavours, wholegrain and pulses are in the latest range of new products being launched by specialist steamed basmati rice brand Tilda

CONVENIENCE, demand for healthy foods and interest in world foods are becoming key influential factors in the rice category, that’s the view of Tilda, which has invested in a range of new products to meet what it sees as developing demand.
“With increasingly busy lifestyles, many consumers are looking for quick meal solutions that remain healthy and nutritious despite their convenience,” said Anna Beheshti, the firm’s head of mainstream marketing.
Tilda’s 20-strong Steamed Basmati range aims to cater for families and smaller “foodie” households alike with everything from Coconut, Chilli & Lemongrass Basmati Rice to family favourites like Golden Vegetable Basmati Rice.
Its latest line, Limited Edition Black & Red Lucky Rice, blends Tilda Wholegrain Basmati, with black and red rice.
“With its crafted recipes and natural ingredients Tilda has brought a quality-conscious shopper into the category, which has historically been only about convenience,” said Beheshti.
Beyond convenience, it is important that all categories, including microwavable, recognise and cater for consumer interest in healthy food, she said.
“It is integral for brands to cater for those who are health-conscious or have particular dietary requirements, by creating innovative products.
“This March, Tilda expanded the wholegrain range of Tilda Steamed Basmati, with an exciting product which combines the wholesome goodness of wholegrain Basmati with exotic wild rice.
“Launched in June, the new Tilda Quinoa, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds is made with wholegrain Basmati, quinoa and trending pumpkin and sunflower seeds making for a highly nutritious offering.”
To meet what it sees as increasing demand for world foods and adventurous flavours, Tilda has launched its new Pulses and Rice range.
“The pulses market has more than doubled in the last two years with increased consumer focus on health, vegetarianism and natural plant-based proteins, adding over £7m in value growth,” said Beheshti.
The flavours include: Chickpea; Harissa & Lemon; Edamame, Spring Onion & Chive; Pinto Bean; Green Chilli & Lime; Black Bean, Jerk & Coconut; and Split Pea, Green Chilli & Coriander.