Landmark hits the own label road

LANDMARK Wholesale has been on the road in a bid to raise retailer awareness of its own-label lines, which include Prince Consort, LSV, Lifestyle, and Lifestyle Value.

Lifestyle own label biscuits PMP May 16Own brand roadshows, held in Glasgow and Coventry recently brought together more than 100 Landmark members, depot staff, own brand suppliers and Landmark staff.

“Landmark is widely regarded as a leading operator of own brand in the wholesale sector, and the aim of these events was to broaden understanding and raise internal awareness of our 19 own brand ranges,” said Landmark Wholesale trading director John Searle.

“We know consumers are buying into own brand, taking advantage of the excellent value and recognising the quality and value it offers.” Landmark has created an own brand committee featuring six of its key members including United Wholesale Grocers.