Biscuits could double sales

United Biscuits

GIANT biscuits manufacturer United Biscuits reckons the value of biscuit sales in the UK could double in just a few years if manufacturers and retailers better understand and serve the current market and play to category strengths.
Last month UB launched its Category Vision for 2016 and its first annual Biscuits Review. Together, the firm argues, they demonstrate the strength, the depth and the potential for the £2.5bn biscuits category to double its value by 2020.
The firm highlights seven key drivers of consumption and purchase that it argues can collectively steer sustainable growth of the biscuit market.
Those include capitalising on trends for sharing and eating on the go to serving new eating occasions and realising gifting potential.
The Category Vision also argues that stores need to reconsider their in-shop displays to increase the 30 seconds that the average shopper spends at the biscuit shelves.
The 2015 Biscuits Review, using industry research, said: biscuits account for more than a quarter of the snacking market; have double the value growth of confectionery; and have 99% market penetration, with each household buying an average of 94 packets of biscuits per year, spending £94.25 each.
Key trends which dictated consumer choice on biscuits in 2015 included health consciousness and consumers giving priority to quality over price or value.