Seeded special edition from Hovis

HOVIS has launched a new special edition small loaf into the bread aisle.
Special Edition Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed 400g (MRSP: £0.95) is a new flavour combination for the Hovis portfolio. The seeds are used in the dough and as a topping for extra crunch. The loaf delivers a source of protein and is rich in fibre, as communicated on-pack.

Special Edition Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed 400g

Simon Hancock, category controller at Hovis Ltd, said: “At Hovis, we have a proud history of delivering high-quality products and new propositions that are developed on robust insight. Small loaves are often bought incrementally, allowing consumers to easily experiment without having to compromise the larger loaf for the family’s wider needs.
“We want to be continually innovating and sharing new news in the exciting bread with bits sector and this launch comes alongside our new Hovis Seed Sensations Chia Bread. To introduce the first of our new Special Edition small loaves marks an exciting new chapter for Hovis and means we can give consumers the chance to try new flavour combinations from a brand they can trust.”