Pack marked to boost sales

SGS Europe SGS Europe Technical Summary 689980-1 - Mondelez Europe Services GmbH - UK branch. Mikado & GO PMP Milk Chocolate Carton 55p 3D Pack Image (Portrait) 39g UK Printer: No. Around: Supplier: No. Across: File Name: Stepped? No Legacy Design No.: Plate Stagger (mm): Design Reference: Plate Material: Packaging Ref.: 3042281 Substrate: Print Process: Dispro (%): Production System: Across the Web Dispro (%): Cylinder Size (mm): Surface / Reverse Print? Job Height (mm): CDI Resolution: Job Width (mm): CDI Power Setting: Unwind Code: Interslitting Size (mm): Centre Trim: Displace On Stepping: No Interslitting Qty: Flat Top Dot: Surface Screening: HD Highlight Dot: Revolutions: Exposure Time: Primary Account Manager Linda Walsh (Account Manager) Eye-mark Size: Eye-mark Colour(s): Customer Ref. Colour Type New? Common Ref Plate Sets Dot Gain Curve SCRDGC/ICP Curve Proofing Curve Applied To Barcode Information Number Type Chk Colour LMI Mag (%) BWR Notes 7622210986719 EAN-13 9 No 0 0.0000 Cutter Reference: Task Details (Stage 1) Create 1st 3D Digital Image (due 04/11/2015) 1. Create 3D In Progress This instruction was amended on 02/11/2015 02/11/2015 16:08 by Linda Walsh Please develop a 3D pack image from the carton artwork 682643 v1. This carton has two FOP facings - for this job - please use the Portrait orientation facing (this is basically the same job as 689870 but this is the PMP pack) Client has requested that these images are to be "beauty" shots ( idealised images) so please do not include the GDA symbols & accompanying texts. Please supply this pack as both a .jpg (with a white background and a slight shadow below it to enhance the look of the image) & a .png file (no background colour) Please supply images for a straignt-on view, a angled-left view & an angled-right view (as done for Cadbury imageConfectionery, snacks and biscuits firm Mondelez International has added Mikado biscuit sticks to its range of products available in price-marked packs.

The biscuit sticks have been put into a 39g impulse purchase pack with a price of 55p.

Helen Potter, Mikado brand manager, said: “Mikado is a versatile snack and its compact and portable packaging makes it perfect for pockets and handbags.

“Promotionally price-marked packs historically have helped retailers increase sales.”

The new packs have been designed with merchandising in mind, she said.

They can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the retailer’s shelves. The packs also feature a flip top opening and carry nutritional information.

Mikado is being supported by TV advertising throughout April.