Webbox launches new improved complete range

PET food brand Webbox has launched a new improved recipe for their Webbox Complete dry food range for dogs.

Made at their headquarters in Blackburn, Lancashire, the complete range is a bestselling dry food and the new recipe aims to improve upon the existing in both quality and taste. Webbox says the recipe includes a special blend of protein, fat, carbohydrates and nutrients, providing everything a dog needs for a healthy balanced diet is available in both Chicken and Beef varieties.


The range also sees the introduction of a complete puppy food which is formulated in order to keep puppies in top condition.

Following research into the existing range, Webbox has created a new look branding along with new premium packaging featuring a pre-form bag with a high varnish finish.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “Webbox Complete foods are highly beneficial to dogs and the new preformed bag is a more superior quality with the design highlighting the benefits to dogs.

“These include high quality animal and vegetable proteins which provide essential amino acids and maximise your dog’s enjoyment whilst multigrain cereals contribute to taste and texture, as well as providing a high quality carbohydrate balance. The unique recipe also includes calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth, along with essential oils that contribute to a glossy coat.”