Catering for hectic lives

HECTIC and busy lives are creating demand for snack and on-the-go food according to Mondelez International.

And it says retailers should provide accessible features and consider cross-category merchandising displays, focused on mealtimes, to get the benefit of the opportunity.

Ritz Crisp and Thin - Sweet Red Chilli - 30g

Trade communications manager Susan Nash said: “For example, at breakfast, stores offering hot drinks to go could look to site on-the-go breakfast products, such as Belvita, alongside the machine.”

A 59p price-marked pack has been introduced for the entire 30g Ritz Crisp & Thin range and the brand will be back on TV this month.

Mondelez says savoury snacks are on the up with evidence that shoppers are switching from traditional crisps to products they perceive to be more healthy.

Its latest savoury snack product is Ritz Crisp & Thin which it launched in four flavours in sharing and single bag sizes.

Nash said: “The product scored ‘outstanding’ in independent taste tests and was ranked in the top 25% of all European savoury initiatives in the last 10 years.

“Latest sales results reflect this, with brand value sales of £6.8m  since launch making it the number one contributor of growth to the total crisps and snacks category.”

To build on this strong performance, the brand is putting the Sweet Red Chilli variant from its sharing bag range into its 30g on-the-go range.

In addition a 59p price-marked pack has been introduced for the entire 30g range.

Nash said: “Price-marked packs offer a number of advantages for consumers and retailers alike.

“For shoppers, they help to make the hunt for value easier, with almost half saying PMPs make them feel more at ease as they don’t have to ask the price.”

Ritz Crisp & Thin  will also be supported by a new TV campaign being aired from 14th March to continue to build awareness and encourage  more trial.