Chicken bagged for convenience

FOLLOWING the introduction in April last year of Moy Park Good Kitchen roast in the bag products, the firm has extended the range.
The new version adds pork, sage and onion stuffing to a whole chicken and has an RRP of £5.

moy Park Feb 16 Pork-Sage-&-Onion
Moy Park says it was the first company to use thermoformed packaging technology, a sealed pack that can go straight into the oven without piercing.
Brand marketing manager Briege Finnegan said: “The range was developed to target a growing market for added-value fresh chicken products.
“Sales of the range have gone from strength to strength since the launch of the Extra Tasty and Garlic and Herb varieties.
“Consumer research showed that there is an appetite for extensions.
“The new Pork, Sage and Onion whole chicken offers added value as it is already stuffed.”