Spring into boxed sales boosts

WE’RE now smack bang in the middle of one the most important periods of  the year for boxed chocolate sales, says chocolate confectionery producer Ferrero.

Ferrero Collection & Rocher T16

Spring  – with its established three important gift-giving occasions of Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and Easter –  brings what the firm, quoting Nielsen research, says  is a £139m boxed confectionery sales opportunity.

Last year Ferrero achieved  its own highest UK spring sales to date, £22m.

This year the firm is backing its  boxed products and other confectionery lines with marketing activity worth £1.3m including the merchandising materials  designed to help retailers  capitalise on spring opportunities.

Levi Boorer, Ferrero customer development director, said: “Gifting is an all-year-round opportunity for retailers occurring every day however more prevalent during spring.”

The firm sees a number of Ferrero Rocher packs as year-round must-stocks including  its: 16-piece Ferrero Rocher T16  box with an RRP of £4.99; Ferrero Rocher T24  (£8.14); Ferrero Collection T15 (£5.20) Raffaello T24  (£5.97) and its smaller packs – Rocher T5 (£1.54); Rocher T3 (84p); Raffaello T3 (84p).

In spring it suggests retailers should also stock: Ferrero Rocher T10 (RRP £4.71); Ferrero Rocher Mini Cube T6 (£3.14); Ferrero Rocher T13 (£5.97) and the firm’s eggs and Grand Rocher range.