Winter wash

Comfort-Mistletoe-&-CrocusUNILEVER has brought two of its brands together to create specially scented festive laundry liquids.
Surf detergent and Comfort fabric conditioner have been combined to make Surf Winter Violet Mistletoe and Comfort Creations Mistletoe and Crocus.
Both have been given festive packaging designed to represent each brand’s individual style – with a silver, purple and white colour scheme and mistletoe artwork used across the range.
Marketing manager for laundry at Unilever Paul Johnson said: “We know that consumers love trialling new laundry fragrances, especially around Christmas.
“In fact, 25% of consumers said that laundry fragrances are their favourite way to infuse their homes with a festive scent, which is why we’re excited for two of our biggest brands to partner together to launch these two new limited-edition variants.”
Johnson said Comfort is currently the leader in its market with a 46.6% share and last year’s seasonal editions added substantial sales value to the category.
Comfort Creations Mistletoe and Crocus Fabric Conditioner 1.16- litre has an RRP of £3.00.
Surf Winter Violet and Mistletoe Liquid 875ml has an RRP of £5.00.