Good Inside goes thin and flat

Hovis launched a series of sandwich alternatives bakery lines last month – Hovis Good Inside Sandwich Thins and Hovis Good Inside Flatbreads.

Hovis best of both flatbread Oct 15
The range joins its recently launched Hovis Good Inside bread loaves and includes lines in Soft White, Best of Both, and Wholemeal styles.
Quoting IRI data to March and April this year, Sophie Lyons, marketing manager at Hovis said: “Sandwich thins have become a key alternative for bread occasions and now make up the fastest-growing sandwich segment with impressive growth of 54%. Flatbreads are also bucking the trend within supermarket ready-meal sandwiches.”
The Hovis Good Inside portfolio is being supported by a £5m campaign including TV ads as well as video-on-demand, radio, digital, PR and in-store activities.
Hovis Good Inside Sandwich Thins have an RRP of £1.29 and Hovis Good Inside Flatbreads have an RRP of £1.59.