Moy Park secures new listings in GB

Leading UK food company, Moy Park has announced new listings for its innovative ‘Roast-in-the-bag’ product which will now be available in Nisa, Palmer & Harvey, Costcutter and Budgens.

Moy Park developed the first roast-in-the-bag chicken product to use cutting edge thermoformed packaging technology earlier this year. The state of the art packaging is a printed, sealed pack that can go straight into the oven. The roast-in-the-bag whole chickens are locally sourced and come in two flavours ‘Extra Tasty’ and ‘Garlic & Herb’.

The ‘shelf to oven’ whole chicken was launched in April 2015 under the Moy Park ‘Good Kitchen’ range, which was developed to target a growing market for added-value fresh chicken products. The packaging self-vents and enables the chicken to self-baste throughout the cooking process, which results in more succulent meat and an enhanced flavour. The range is ideal for those who don’t like touching raw meat or don’t have time to prepare a raw chicken from scratch and due to the innovative nature of the packaging, the chicken browns in the pack without having to open it during cooking. The cooking juices are retained within the pack, which means consumers can create flavoursome stocks and gravy.

Grant Ferrier, Moy Park Director of Sales commented: “We are thrilled with the success of our ‘Roast-in-the-bag’ range – it has gone from strength to strength following its launch earlier this year. The new listings reflect consumer demand for this type of product and we hope to continue to expand and grow the range for the rest of the year and into 2016.”

Moy Park Roast in the Bag


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