Sampling boost for students

Boost-Cherry-BurstSTUDENTS are being lined up as new recruits to the energy drinks sector in a sampling programme from Boost.
A spokesperson said: “This year is set to be an exciting one.
“Targeting around 300,000 students, Boost is running a sampling campaign designed to recruit new drinkers with the offer of an energy boost to help deal with the demands of a busy schedule of work and play while at university.
“The brand is also being stocked in 225 student unions around the country.”
The spokesperson said research has shown that opportunities for sales growth lie in taste, value and flavours and added: “As a champion of the independent sector, Boost now has a range across all three sectors of sports and energy drinks – stimulation energy, glucose and sports/isotonic – with attractive price points for the consumer and great margins for the trade.”
As well as the sampling campaign Boost is running a consumer campaign called Bad Things Happen When You’re Tired.
The spokesperson said: “The campaign is aimed at new drinkers to grab their attention then hit them with the brand proposition – great taste at a great price.
“It is light hearted, humorous and engaging.”