Michelin Star chef launches first craft beer


Two of Scotland’s food and drink brands have introduced a new product into the craft beer market, named Yer Ben (ABV 5.5%).

Chef Tom Kitchin and Isle of Skye Brewing Co have come together to launch the first premium ale to be created in partnership with a craft brewer and a Michelin star chef.

Tom Kitchin, Isle of Skye Brewery co

The new ale has been a very close collaboration between Tom Kitchin and brewers Pam MacRuary and Mags Newlands from the Isle of Skye Brewing Co. Both brewers are former chefs, and pioneered by Tom, they have created a product that is designed to offer a perfect accompaniment to any meal, from oysters to fish and chips and pork terrine.

Yer Ben is named after Tom’s grandfather Ben Robinson, a connoisseur of beer. Tom was inspired by his grandfather’s passion for good quality ale and his love of Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands. The label is a nod to the backdrop of the famous Isle of Skye scenery, designed in the shape of the isle’s famous ‘passing sign’.

“My grandfather really inspired me to carefully consider the quality and condition of beer, so I’ve always worked hard to seek out the very, very best,” said Kitchin.

“I found working with the talented team at Skye Brewing Co a hugely enjoyable learning experience. To play a part in what went into the product and how it looked and tasted was a real joy for me. The light, refreshing recipe suits all palettes and I hope ale fans enjoy Yer Ben as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.”

Kenny Webster, Managing Director at Isle of Skye Brewing, added: “We know that consumers want a beer with real character and we are finding that consumers are becoming more likely to experiment with their purchases, with a high percentage of real ale drinkers of the belief that is it worth paying extra for quality. From its taste, to its look and the story behind it, matched with the drama and passion of the Isle of Skye, we believe Yer Ben really delivers.”

Yer Ben is available through both businesses’ websites in a 500ml bottle. The RRP is £3.35 for a single bottle and £39.99 for a crate of 12 including delivery.